Quick reads – Best One-shot Manga (Part 1)

Sometimes, I just feel like reading something, yet I’m not ready to commit my time and attention to some long series. Then, I usually seek some one chapter-long pieces that are commonly referred as One-Shots, if you search for quick reads to enterntain yourself I’ll suggest here some that I found very enterntaining and interesting to read.

Sayonara ga Chikai no de (For Our Farewell is Near)

Sayonara ga Chikai no de

Tells the story of Okita Soji’s final moments. Okita Soji was a historical Shinsegumi’s 1st squadron leader, and most anime/manga fans knows him trough historical parody Gintama character Okita Sougo… Well, this is about the real one and it’s short but interesting read.

Koe no Katachi

Koe no Katachi

Cute short story about new girl in class with impaired hearing and her unlikelly friendship with meanest boy in class. Simple and great.

Iigakari Neesan

Iigakari Neesan

From the author of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Katte ni Kaizou (Kumeta Kouji), this One-shot tells a short comedy story about an older sister who likes to falsely accuse people.

Souten no Koumori (A Bat in Blue Sky)

Souten no Koumori

This One-Shot is from author of popular and well known manga Full Metal Alchemist (Hiromu Arakawa), for which after reading you regret there isn’t a continuation. Tells a story of female ninja Henpukumaru who awakens in enemy castle.

Kon no Ki Konoha

Kon no Ki Konoha

Short romantic and mysterious story very similar to one in rather recent anime movie Hotarubi no Mori e.

Kao no nai Otoko

Kao no Nai Otoko

Short fantasy romance about couple separated by war.



Weird futuristic society where everyone is required to wear Personants – technologically advanced masks that eliminate differences between people and about only guy and highly wanted criminal who refuses to wear one.

Hotel: since 2079 (actually a Manhwa, korean comic)

Hotel: since 2079

Beautifully drawn piece about a computer with AI who continues to exist millions of years after all life incliding humas have long gone extinct.