What’s good stuff from Tezuka?

Many manga fans (often in teens) find his style of drawing very outdated and are not very likely to be talked into start reading his works. Osamu Tezuka is often refered to as “godfather of anime”, “father of manga”, “Japanese Walt Disney”… and as such he left behind huge opus of both anime and manga, some of them are for kids, but some of them are made for more mature manga readers.

Among his most notable anime are Astro Boy and Black Jack series and Metropolis movie, but I’ll focus here on best pieces of his manga that I have red and honestly liked (I will read more from the author when it becomes awailable and probably edit to add good stuff):



Exciting espionage mystery thriller about newspaper journalist searching the truth behind younger brother’s murder, young boys: Adolf Kamil of German-Jewish origin living in Japan and Adolf Kauffmann, son of high-ranking officer in German embassy in Japan who stumble upon information that may bring ruin the third Adolf in the story. Must say that this was one of the best seinen manga I ever red – storywise, and great WW2 historical fiction.

Astro Boy

Astro Boy

This manga is about a boy robot superhero who was created by dr. Tenma in order to replace his dead son, since he was imperfect, he was trown to garbage dump but found by good professor Ochanomizu and given mission to protect the world from sinister threats. Although  it was primarly made for kids I enjoyed it a lot… that reminds me that I still have to watch Astroboy animated movie from 2009.



I personally have no idea wheather is this is an accurate biography of Buddha but it was interesting read about beggining of one of the main eastern religions. Must say that I ignored fantastical elements but enjoyed depictions of India’s history and society in the time (which I found most interesting in this manga).

Ode to Kirihito

Ode to Kirihito

This manga is about a doctor (Tezuka actually had a medical degree from Osaka university, piece of trivia) who goes to remote village in order to research unknown desease but is tricked by his colleague and contracts the desease himself. Due to that he ends up in weird situations as he tries to find cure and save his life. This piece is also seinen and very interesting read.


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